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Happy Hallowe’en!

To celebrate the spookiest day of the year, here’s a retrospective I’ve made on a film often hailed as the scariest of all time. It also happens to be one of my personal favourites.


It’s the merry month of Hallowe’en! To celebrate (and because I promised myself I’d start making more of these), I’ve planned two new horror-themed videos for this month. Here’s the first – an in-depth look at the Lasser Glass from the movie Oculus.

I’m proud of myself for two reasons. First, I finally got to grips with Final Cut Pro (well, enough to cobble this together, so I’ll let you be the judge of that) and second, that I managed to get through a Karen Gillan film making only one Doctor Who reference.

Want me to pick apart more horror films on my channel? Please leave me a comment – I’d like to make this into a series, so I’m open to suggestions.

See you again soon.


Here it is – my most ambitious video project to date. In it, I explore five different (but often overlapping) theories on my new favourite horror film, The Babadook.


Any ideas of your own? Please do share – I still haven’t stopped geeking out over this film. I’d also rank Mister Babadook as one of the all time great movie monsters.

It’s my first day back at work after the Easter holidays and my stomach is growling away at me. Either it’s punishing me for overloading it with chocolate or it’s demanding more. (Speaking of chocolate, travellinginmybookcase has set me a chocolatey-book-related challenge that I will get on with very soon!) For now, here’s a sketch of Frank the Rabbit from the film Donnie Darko. Because bunnies!

Frank: "Wake up"

Frank: “Wake up”

This was taken from the poster art rather than the mask itself. As you can see, it’s composed of various faces and iconic images from the film so it was fun to go through and try to spot what each one was. I’ve seen both the theatrical and director’s cut multiple times and I still make a new connection or come up with a new idea every time I watch. Likewise, I was just compelled to draw this… I guess you could say, they made me do it. 

Happy belated Easter everyone!


Many thanks to Table for Glasses for the nomination! Basically, this is a nice way to discover and promote new blogs and those with smaller groups of followers and to get us all talking a little about what we’re doing here and why we love doing it.

1. What made you want to do your blog? Might sound obvious, but because I love to write! I never feel quite right without a draft deadline and a word count (you can tell I was an English major!) After graduating I did the odd article for a friend and it soon became a fully-fledged hobby. I posted articles and reviews here, there and all over the place. Then, after a major hard drive disaster along with the discovery that several of my old links were defunct, I thought I’d be sensible and create my own blog to pull it all together.

2. Are you as inspired to write it as the time you began it? I’m inspired now more than ever before. In fact, I’ve branched out a bit by sharing videos and artwork as well as things I’ve written. There may be another blog for creative writing – we’ll see how that goes.


3. If you could pick an album and a film to have on a desert island, what would they be? For films, I’d either go a musical or music-themed title (Empire Records, Little Shop of Horrors, Scott Pilgrim versus the World, Repo! etc) or a movie I can watch many times in a row and spot something different (Fight Club, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Donnie Darko, these lists go on!) The key here is re-watch value and I find music or head-buggery keeps me going back. For albums, one I still haven’t got sick of is the soundtrack from Guardians of the Galaxy, plus I’d be on a desert island so I could totally bust out some sweet Starlord moves! I’d also be happy with any Manic Street Preachers album that’s not Lifeblood.

4. The Beatles or The Stones or Rush? The Stones? Hell yeah, I’d pick the Rolling Stones! When I was much younger I loved music and was learning the guitar but there wasn’t much on the radio I enjoyed (the UK in the early nineties was a musical dead zone). Then my dad broke out the old Stones records and I became an instant fan. Some nice if unintentional parenting teamwork went on there – my mum taught me to play guitar and my dad introduced me to Keith Richards. Still got a lot of love for the Beatles too, particularly George Harrison’s contributions. When my dad gave me his records, there were a good few Beatles albums among them, including a copy of The White Album with tea spilled on the cover, which I suppose is now technically The Beige Album.

5. If you had to pick a song for me to write about on my blog, what would it be? Let’s get some Manics on there. So much to pick from though – Old or new? Anthem? Cover version? Here’s one for each (I like to give options); Old – Roses in the Hospital, New – Let’s Go To War, Anthem – Design For Life, Cover – Been A Son (Nirvana.)


6. Aliens are invading the Earth and have evil intentions – what weapon do you use to defend yourself? A board with a nail in it… what? It worked on The Simpsons! I guess there’s always the Spectre Gear sniper rifle from Mass Effect – nailed thousands of aliens with those and at a nice safe distance too.

7. Is this the best film ever?

Actually, this looks amazing! I might have to check it out for the crotch-grenade scene alone.

8. What is your favourite colour? Blue… no, yel-AAAAARRRGH!!!


Sorry – I can’t resist obvious Monty Python gags! Truthfully, my favourite colour is purple.

9. Is Vocaloid awesome? (yes, it is)

I cannot lie… this is kind of adorable! Is this to do with the Hatsune Miku games? I’ve seen my flatmate play those. I haven’t myself but I do enjoy rhythm games from time to time, like Gitaroo Man and Um Jammer Lammy. (Note to self – consider Lammy for future blog post.)

eevee10. Which Pokemon would you choose if Professor Oak gave you the option, bearing in mind you can have any Pokemon you want (apart from the legendary Pokemon)? Hurry, because Team Rocket are hiding around the corner!! I’d probably take Eevee – it’s got bags of potential and it’s just so darn cute! I know there are bigger, stronger Pokemon out there but I like the idea of one I can raise as a loyal companion as well as a badass. How would I evolve it? Probably to Umbreon (I like dark types), maybe Vaporeon if I wanted to go surfing. Most of the generation 1 fire types are cool too – I’d be really happy to get a Vulpix or a Growlithe. Meowth sounds like a good idea too. Short on cash? Teach it Pay Day!

Sidenote: Am I the only one missing Team Rocket from the games?

Review: Big Hero 6

Posted: February 12, 2015 in Film
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Disney movies haven’t been this popular since the nineties. They’ve been on a roll with Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph and the colossal mega-hit that was Frozen (it’s been over a year and no, we still refuse to Let It Go). Their latest 3D animation promises everything you could possibly want from a family film; action, drama, comedy and superhero antics, not to mention the cuddliest robot you’ve ever seen. Big Hero 6 faces some seriously big expectations.


The movie is loosely based on the Marvel Comics series of the same name, thanks to Disney’s acquisition of the company back in 2009. It’s not the most famous series in the Marvelverse butthen again, neither was Guardians of the Galaxy. The original Big Hero 6 characters are reimagined as a bright young team of heroes-in-training. By day, they’re college students learning the ways of chemistry, physics and engineering; after class, they start using their knowledge to build gadgets and super suits. It’s refreshing to see that most of the obvious ‘nerd’ stereotypes have been avoided – instead we have a fun gang of guys and gals making science and study look cool. In this respect they’re positive role models for kids and with their costumes, catchphrases and unique powers, I get the feeling we haven’t seen the last of them.

But the superhero team isn’t even the real focus – the heart of the film is the relationship between 14 year-old Hiro Hamada (Ryan Potter) and his robotic pal Baymax (Scott Adsit). Baymax exists purely to help those in pain, whether physical or emotional, and he won’t give up until he’s healed the troubled teen. Considering the voice actor is best known for his work on Adult Swim programmes such as Moral Orel and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Adsit’s performance is lovable from start to finish and is bound to win over even the most hard-hearted viewer. In fact, the odd ‘mature’ joke works all the better for the character’s innocence and charm, whether he’s enthusiastically explaining the symptoms of puberty or drunkenly slurring his words when his battery runs low. Been there buddy, now where can I get one of those charging units?

It all holds together fairly well, even if it doesn’t offer a huge deal beyond the sum of its parts. The city of San Fransokyo is one stunning location and lends itself to some nice touches in 3D, even if the name sounds like it started as a joke and somewhere during development it just stuck. The first act certainly could’ve benefitted from a rewrite – plot points often feel forced and at times the exposition drops like an anvil. However, the pace picks up as the story continues, with the audience warming to the characters and getting caught up in the action. By the time the credits roll, you might not consider it a life-altering experience but you’ll probably be feeling good.


One of the main themes of Big Hero 6 is bereavement. Considering Disney’s infamous knack for traumatising children (we’ll NEVER forget what they did to Bambi’s mum!) the tragic event that sets things in motion somehow fails to create that same sense of loss. For a while, I thought my compassion chip might have been malfunctioning. It’s only as time goes on that we see the deeper impact on Hiro through Baymax’s attempts to cure his grief. Gradually Hiro learns to let go of his anger, cherish his memories and reach out to friends. It’s a sensitive subject handled in just the right way, creating touching moments but never ruining the fun or getting too heavy for young children.

Overall, this may not be the masterpiece it was hyped to be, but it’s still a solid family film. As a bonus, the animated short Feast played before the main feature – a grand tradition, long may it continue – is so adorable, it’s almost worth the price of admission alone. Big Hero 6 might not be the most incredible superhero movie out there or the greatest children’s buddy film ever written, but both elements are done well and there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy. As the big guy might ask – yes, I was satisfied with the care that went into making this film.

Sometimes you’ll discover something so weird and wonderful that you’re happy just to know it exists. Repo! The Genetic Opera definitely falls under this category.

Ever wondered what would happen if you put Anthony Stewart Head, Sarah Brightman, Paris Hilton and the chick from Spy Kids together in a musical produced by the folks who brought us the Saw movies? Or did I get drunk and put a film together and somehow forget about it? Either way, more people need to watch this thing.