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It’s my first day back at work after the Easter holidays and my stomach is growling away at me. Either it’s punishing me for overloading it with chocolate or it’s demanding more. (Speaking of chocolate, travellinginmybookcase has set me a chocolatey-book-related challenge that I will get on with very soon!) For now, here’s a sketch of Frank the Rabbit from the film Donnie Darko. Because bunnies!

Frank: "Wake up"

Frank: “Wake up”

This was taken from the poster art rather than the mask itself. As you can see, it’s composed of various faces and iconic images from the film so it was fun to go through and try to spot what each one was. I’ve seen both the theatrical and director’s cut multiple times and I still make a new connection or come up with a new idea every time I watch. Likewise, I was just compelled to draw this… I guess you could say, they made me do it. 

Happy belated Easter everyone!


Yep, it was only going to be a matter of time before I drew something Mass Effect related! Here’s one of my favourite faces (in a manner of speaking) from the Normandy crew – Quarian engineer, Tali’Zorah.

Keelah se'lai! Tali'Zorah - armed and dangerous.

Keelah se’lai! Tali’Zorah – armed and dangerous.

What can I say, except that I love this character and her background. Tali is intelligent and loyal with a real desire to prove herself. When she first encounters Commander Shepard, she’s on a rite of passage known as the Pilgrimage for which she left her birth ship to explore the galaxy and bring back something that will benefit her people. As the Quarian lost their home world Rannoch, they live about a Migrant Fleet of ships and, thanks to their weakened immune systems, they’re forced to wear protective masks and full body suits.

This was challenging to draw, thanks to all the textures in Tali’s suit. The Quarian race are all about salvage and pride themselves on their ability to mend and make use of items that other races would throw away. To reflect this, their suits appear to be constructed from various fabrics, possibly scrap materials. I don’t think I’ve ever drawn a character without a face either – I waited till the pencil went blunt to try and get the opaque look for the mask. Interestingly, the suit gives us an indication of Tali’s status and the timeline point of the Mass Effect series. The one I’ve sketched belongs to Tali’Zorah vas Neema or Tali’Zorah vas Normandy – the names she uses during Mass Effect 2 and 3. In the first game, her suit is a little more basic in style and she’s known as Tali’Zorah naar Rayya.

So, what’s with all the surnames? Well, “naar” indicates a Quarian who has not yet completed the Pilgrimmage and the Rayya is the name of the ship on which Tali was born. The ascent to Quarian adulthood is marked with the move to a new ship. By the time she meets Shepard in Mass Effect 2, she has adopted the name “vas Neema”, meaning that her Pilgrimmage was successful and earned her a position aboard a new ship called “Neema” as well as permission to modify her suit and veil as she wishes. Finally, Tali changes her name to “vas Normandy” to indicate that Shepard’s ship has become her home and that the Normandy crew are considered family. Aww!

It might not be a perfect likeness but I’ll wager that more effort went into this picture than the one of Tali’s face in Mass Effect 3. A poorly Photoshopped stock image? C’mon!

Here it is – my first request! If anyone else can suggest something for me to draw then please add a comment. I do like a challenge!

Ninetales: The original Firefox!

Ninetales has been one of my favourite Pokemon since the first generation. Why do I love it so much? Well, it’s a Fire type, and fire’s just plain cool. Also my first Ninetales boasted incredible speed, not to mention a few cunning tricks that kept the Elite Four on their toes over and over again. Yes, I was one of those pricks who used Confuse Ray. Apart from that, she just looked so warm and fluffy that I couldn’t help but adore her (being first gen, I could only assume it was a ‘her’ – if I got that wrong, sorry ‘Roxie!’)

I based my Ninetales on the original design by Ken Sugimori, rather than copying someone else’s interpretation. (I did see some really lovely ones online though.) Shading was a little tricky as there’s only so much you can do with light-coloured fur. Also, I realised I’d got the snout wrong, but it was too late to change it without starting over. The flowing shapes of the tails – counted carefully while I was doing the outline to make sure I’d got all nine – felt soothing to draw and hopefully captured the elegant and ethereal qualities which, I think, characterise this Pokemon.

Big thanks to IPunchBearsForFun for the suggestion to draw Ninetales. Thanks also for encouraging me to take up sketching again and for trading me loads of great Pokemon – including ‘Flarf’ the Vulpix – on Omega Ruby.

If there’s one thing I’ve seriously neglected over the past years, it’s art. It’s a shame because it was my favourite subject and I promised myself that I’d keep it up as a hobby if I didn’t study it further. Instead I fell out of practice – now when I draw, all I can see is a huge pile of suck where a shred of talent used to be.

However, I’ve resolved to woman-up and get back into sketching! I’m kinda happy with this one, so I thought I’d share. I’d just finished watching Death Note so I drew my favourite character, Ryuk.

"Got apples?"

“Got apples?”

He may look scary but don’t worry, he’s not a bad guy. Actually, he’s not a good guy either. Probably why I like him so much.

His face is so interesting – there’s a lot of detail there you’d get in a human skull, only it’s been warped almost beyond recognition to fit that huge mouth (does it remind anyone else of the Joker?) The hook-things holding the clothing to his skin (at least I think that’s what’s going on) were the trickiest details. That and the eyes – had to really nail that weird, straight-into-your-soul stare or it just wouldn’t be Ryuk.

I think that deserves an apple!