Sketches: Ryuk (Death Note)

Posted: March 2, 2015 in Art
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If there’s one thing I’ve seriously neglected over the past years, it’s art. It’s a shame because it was my favourite subject and I promised myself that I’d keep it up as a hobby if I didn’t study it further. Instead I fell out of practice – now when I draw, all I can see is a huge pile of suck where a shred of talent used to be.

However, I’ve resolved to woman-up and get back into sketching! I’m kinda happy with this one, so I thought I’d share. I’d just finished watching Death Note so I drew my favourite character, Ryuk.

"Got apples?"

“Got apples?”

He may look scary but don’t worry, he’s not a bad guy. Actually, he’s not a good guy either. Probably why I like him so much.

His face is so interesting – there’s a lot of detail there you’d get in a human skull, only it’s been warped almost beyond recognition to fit that huge mouth (does it remind anyone else of the Joker?) The hook-things holding the clothing to his skin (at least I think that’s what’s going on) were the trickiest details. That and the eyes – had to really nail that weird, straight-into-your-soul stare or it just wouldn’t be Ryuk.

I think that deserves an apple!

  1. He was such an interesting character! this day, I’m still mad that L didn’t defeat Light. He was beautifully neurotic and I loved it. Anyway… great sketch – really nailed those see-through-your-soul eyes of his. It’s hard to pick drawing back up once you’ve let it go.

  2. Wee Lin says:

    If I’d to pick a second favourite, it’d definitely be L. I loved how he could be so intense and dishevelled but at the same time so calm and quietly intelligent. Quite the sweet tooth on him too – I always had some cake or ice cream handy when I watched Death Note because I knew I’d want whatever L was having!

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