Come Dine With Me – The Drinking Game

Posted: August 6, 2014 in TV
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Whenever a contestant describes his/herself as “a very competitive person”

Whenever a contestant identifies a rival as a potential “dark horse”

Right then, lets get shitfaced!

Right then, lets get shitfaced!








Whenever a contestant mispronounces the name of a foreign dish

Whenever a contestant describes someone else’s recipe as “basic”

Whenever a host names a dish after himself/herself

Whenever a contestant claims that a dish might be nice “if it’s cooked properly.”

(No shit Sherlock!)



Whenever a contestant admits they’re trying a recipe for the first time. Don’t forget to say “idiot.”

Whenever a contestant attempts to cut corners with shop-bought items, tinned produce or packet mix, the filthy stinking rotten dirty LIARS! Don’t forget to shout “LIAR!”

Whenever a contestant spills, breaks, burns, drops things or has any sort of food-related mishap. Don’t forget to cheer!

Nice one arsehole! (glug)

Nice one arsehole! (glug)








Whenever a guest asks “Did you make it yourself?” (Take two drinks if the host LIES!)

Whenever a guest finds a hair, insect or other foreign object in their food.

Whenever a guest starts to gag. Take two drinks if they run off to vomit.

Down your drink when the narrator shouts “Taxi!”

Wait, don't score me yet - there's more!

Wait, don’t score me yet – there’s more!







BONUS! Down your drink whenever the following dishes are served:

Prawn cocktail, Potatoes dauphinoise, Eton mess

(Alternatively, pre-select three dishes of your choosing and use those instead)

  1. cripleh says:

    This is very similar in premise for the Grand Designs drinking game my wife created.

  2. cripleh says:

    Take a shot every time somebody says ‘in by Christmas’.

  3. cripleh says:

    Take two shots if the couple concerned say they’ve been working 24/7 on the build and have no time for anything else yet the woman is pregnant next time Kevin McCloud visits.

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